By Alyssa Barrett

What Does Your Landing Page Look Like?

It’s different from a home page, and does quite a few different things. I’m talking about your landing page. The widely used term is considered a must-have in today’s digital, web-enthused environment. The landing page is exactly what it sounds like, the page that consumers first land on in a search, and is used for specific purpose or action. It acts as a contextual environment for prospects to make better-informed decisions in their marketing process.

Cllck-through landing pages have the goal of getting the visitor to move onto another page, the destination page. They intend on creating more interactions and decisions between consumers and brands; visitors are that much closer to putting something in their shopping cart or registering for your seminar. Here, the CTA is essential for helping prospective customers move on to the next page. They need to understand what your brand is offering and why it’s appealing enough to make the next move. The example below is a landing page for Conversion Lab, featuring a prominent link that gets visitors to continue on to the website. The page is bright, features concise copy, opening headlines and relevant content to the offer.

With a lead generation landing page, marketers attempt to capture user data, perhaps name, email or other basic information that provides them the connection with a potential customer. Identifying leads with this type of page may include providing the prospect with an e-book, a free trial, or perhaps a webinar registration. There are often places to fill out information or to subscribe to a list, providing even more content on a regular basis. The same company, Conversion Lab, demonstrates an ideal lead generation landing page with an attention grabbing header and useful information that persuades the visitor to fill out the provided information for an offer.  

Why are these pages necessary?

Landing pages seem to be the prologues of brand websites and home pages, providing the consumer with an introduction to a promotion before they dive into the real deal; the brand is made more productive. It’s imperative to provide a comforting and informative destination in order to achieve greater conversion rates. Your landing page is necessary in modern web marketing and advertising. The classic website is no longer a flat page with basic hierarchies. With an emphasis on user experience today, it comes down to the way a customer is experiencing your content, engaging with it, and making the most of their visit on your site. An efficient landing page will give your brand the energy it needs on the web.