By Paige Schultze

In today's top digital age, many companies are competing to get noticed. Here at TWIN we strive to stay up to date with the newest technology to expand our network. Working with social media, the impressions you make with your content is the key to successful lead generation.

Everywhere you go, anything you do, there are posters, billboards, ads, and signs waiting for people to recognize them.  What makes yours stand out to have them call your number, or look up your website?  Today’s digital age makes many things so accessible yet sometimes your asking yourself why isn’t ours getting noticed. Because social media is everywhere people start to speed past what they have seen before. People know what their looking for which is what makes it difficult for you to know how and in what way to display your content. Being a young college student looking to pursue a career in the marketing industry and interning at TWIN advertising, I have been able to see different social media techniques and what has worked and what hasn’t in the past. Below I have put together some tips and tricks as to what I thought would help you get noticed and engage the viewers so that they don’t just drive past your ad or flip to the next page.


  1. FACEBOOK. TWITTER, INSTAGRAM. Seems pretty basic and your all thinking yeah I know that, but how many do you actually spend time posting. People get so tied up with other matters that forget to simply post on these trending sites to promote their business. Really spend some time on these pages and bring your sites to life!
  2. Reward Referrals. People LOVE free stuff! Having something that has to do with rewards on the cover of your advertisement definitely gets people looking and wondering what you have to offer.
  3. Blogging. One of my main jobs at my TWIN advertising internship is to help blog for them. Blog about anything, for instance, events going on around the town or something new and hip trending. Link this back to your business and you will start to drive traffic to your site!
  4. Build your own Website. This will enable your company to create a solid foundation to create content and a website that resonates with your customers in early stages to get them interested. Starting your business off at an advantage over others! Our team at TWIN has recently aired our new webpage after putting a lot of thought into what will draw our clients in!


  1. Spread the Word.Last but not least, be proud of your business and everything you and your co workers have done to make it what it’s become! Share with your family and friends to get your business noticed and be that business everyone is talking about!

These few tips and tricks may seem pretty basic but if you’re a business that doesn’t do or have any one of these I really believe they could help you out drastically. There are viewers everywhere, you just need to make what it is your trying to promote stand out for people so they want to know more. Best of luck from our team at TWIN advertising.