By Trish Wilgar

Pittsford, NY. June 14, 2016. Today marks the anniversary of the adoption of the Flag of the United States of America! Happy Birthday to our American Flag!

As we ponder this momentous day in our nation's history, I thought it appropriate to venture out on a walk about Pittsford town. There's a well-known street called Knickerbocker and it touts a mighty hill. It's a great walk/run workout routine.

The historic cemetery resides on the corner of South Main and Mendon Center Road. I snapped a photo of the quiet landmark and captured the proud American Flag by a gravesite. I paused for a moment to remember the symbolic reference to our beautiful Flag and for which it stands united to ensure our freedom for all.

From Twin headquarters to Saha Mediterranean Grill, I took in the aroma of the day. As always, I was energized to create new and exciting ideas inspired from my daily interactions and ordinary experiences. Four miles of increased heart-rate and 455 calories burned. It was a good walk and a great day!


God Bless America. Peace. Get inspired by your day, everyday.