By Paige Schultze

Pittsford is known to be the most prosperous town in Upstate New York; one of the reasons my family and I moved here. Just becoming a new member of the town of Greece, in the city of Rochester, NY, I have started an intership at Twin Advertising in the town of Pittsford.

It's a warm, welcoming environment and makes it the perfect place to immerse yourself in the active Pittsford community. Shops and retaurants line the streets and are your's to enjoy. From little boutiques to fresh food stands, Pittsford's charm is here to stay and welcomes you with great pleasure, as I am learning myself!

Moving to Rochester from a smaller town I orignally thought "oh no, expensive is their middle name. College student, summer intern, waitress by nights... how is this going to pan out for me?" It panned out great! Don't want to spend money? There are some amazing beaches right on Lake Ontario, and parks with incredible scenery to sit back, relax, and enjoy the view.

My first few days at my Twin intership I spend roaming the streets and trails of Pittsford, familiarizing myself with the town. Who would have thought that would have been my first task at my internship? Definitely not me as I thought I would be doing everyone's dirty work. Taking this task, I started wandering over the bridges and through the trails surrounded by trees overhead and flowers lining the outside soil. It really showed me what Pittsford had to offer. As I continued to walk through the village taking photographs, some people stopped to talk and our conversations lead to what a beautiful town this is and how they are really proud of where they live. It goes to show that Pittsford really lives up to being the most prosperous town in Upstate New York.

Since 1798, Pittsford, NY has been expanding and growing on the many recreations, businesses, and overally beautiful scenery. Pittsford is inspirational and in fact, several ad agencies have also made Pittsford town their home including Twin Advertising, Clark CSM Marketing Communications, and Bush Communications.

Unique, diverse, exciting, and affordable. I am here to STAY!