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Google AdWords has become an indispensable way to attract more traffic during peak seasons and slow periods alike, as well as announcing special sales, local events and grand openings.  As far too many have found out, creating a successful PPC ad takes more than merely the ability to count characters and drop a few keywords.

There's a great deal of strategic planning that goes into the most successful PPC marketing campaigns, and Twin Advertising has worked hard over the past two decades to perfect the process in ways few can match. We handle the entire process, from ad creation to results reporting, including:

  • Full-service PPC advertising and Google AdWords campaigns
  • Multiple ads to track, edit and improve visibility
  • Ads written by SEO experts with extensive PPC knowledge
  • Pay-per-click ad campaigns available for today's most popular search engines
  • Custom banner ads and media buying services

Unparalleled PPC Services from a Trusted Ad Agency

Whether you're looking to spark new sales during downtime, or capitalize on your industry's most competitive seasons, Twin Advertising makes it super easy to get your Google AdWords campaign live.  We've been helping businesses of every size and industry for the past 20 years in Western NY.  You'll be amazed at how successful PPC can be when entrusted to the real professionals.

Call Twin Advertising today at 585-662-5905 to get the scoop on Google AdWords and PPC for your specific industry.  We'll walk you through the process, go over click rates and work with you to craft an eye-catching series of ads.

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