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Rarely do we take time to consider just how many voiceovers we hear during the course of any given day.  When you pay attention, however, it becomes evident just how substantial a part of our modern lives they really are. From radio and TV commercials, to news reports and phone messages, they're literally everywhere.  When the time comes for your company to create one, the concept quickly becomes all the more real.

Twin Advertising has worked hard over the past two decades to consistently improve our voiceover services.  From short messages to long speeches, there's nothing outside our scope of expertise, and we're happy to offer your business:

  • Voiceovers for television commercials and radio
  • Professionally-recorded on-hold messages and menu options 
  • Online video narrations and audio overlay
  • An extensive catalog of local voiceover talent for your recording
  • Professional recording for corporate and training videos

Give Your Message the Professional Oomph It Deserves

When your brand image relies on a combination of consistently high production value and professionalism, Twin Advertising provides voiceover recordings worthy of your efforts.  We use the most advanced dynamic microphones and mixing equipment, and all messages and scripts can be tweaked throughout the process.

Feel like speaking with one of our specialists about how we can improve the tone and clarity of your voiceovers?  Call us at 585-662-5905 to learn more or get answers to your questions.

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