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Think about the sheer volume of data your business relies on every day.  Then imagine the impact that a breach or hack would pose.  Security, privacy and reliability are just three of the aspects we work exceedingly hard to safeguard when it comes to our web hosting services.  Whether you choose to establish and host server data at your facility or ours, you'll have the confidence of knowing that it's safe, private and accessible exactly when you need it.

Twin Advertising understands the vast importance of keeping your data safe and away from prying eyes.  We offer affordable website hosting service packages, designed to provide you with the privacy and peace of mind you need to run your business efficiently.

  • Dedicated servers for private hosting
  • Co-locations for offsite server storage
  • Data storage and professional IT consulting services
  • Remote database and data backup services
  • E-mail hosting for businesses and groups

Affordable Web Hosting Experts

It's not worth taking chances on web hosting services located in places you can't even begin to pronounce.  Twin Advertising has been serving the local business community for the past two decades.

For rates, options or additional details on our various secure hosting packages, give us a call at 585-662-5905 to discuss your company's unique data and storage needs.

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